"As the wife of Stanford University's Provost, I need just the right look. Esther Tsai is the only person who has ever been able to create it for me."

-Nancy Etchemendy, Author

"As a professional model with over 20 years of experience, I have worked with hundreds of makeup artists. Esther ranks among the very best. Creative, funny, professional, and a super talented artist, Esther will go far, quickly. Better work with her while you still can!"

-Molly Craft, Model

"Esther Tsai is a remarkable make-up artist. She sees and has a deep appreciation for the unique features of each individual and knows how to emphasize them to pull out true and natural beauty. Like an artist approaches a canvas, so does Ms. Tsai see subtle differences in color and in texture and knows how to use her perceptions to great advantage: I've seen her change the color of a person's brown eyes to bring out a green tint that, without the science that she applies, would otherwise remain hidden. She creates art and beauty, sophistication and fun, at once. You will walk away with a brand new outlook on yourself--and with an ability to replicate her magic."

-Jeannie Kahwajy, CEO, Effective Interactions

"I was really dreading the makeup artist search for my wedding day. I don't usually wear makeup, and I didn't want my fiance to not recognize the person that he was getting married to! I was so relieved after meeting Esther for my consultation. Esther is so warm and friendly and immediately put me at ease, and she really took the time to understand the look that I was going for. She made my skin look flawless and gave me smoky eyes that were soft, romantic, and sexy. Best of all, I still looked like myself, except much more beautiful and glamorous!

On my wedding day, Esther did the makeup for me and my sisters. I was impressed by how quickly Esther was able to create looks for both of my sisters, even though she had never met them before. We all got many compliments throughout the day, and I have to say I have never felt so beautiful in my life. Even my husband who usually doesn't like makeup on me was impressed. When he saw me he said, "Wow!"

Since my wedding day I have looked back on my pictures several times and have shared them with many guests. I will always remember how beautiful I felt on that day, and Esther was a huge part of making that happen. Thank you Esther!"

-Stephanie Chabora, Personal Trainer

"I am 43 years old, but Esther makes my skin look like I am 19! Before applying any color, Esther makes my skin look perfect by concealing all of my fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. She also knows how to add just the right amount of color to make me look naturally radiant. Despite the variety of products she uses, when your makeup is finished it feels light and airy -- almost like you have nothing on your skin at all.

Finally, Esther really listens to what you have to say about your face and the look that you are trying to achieve, and she does an outstanding job of creating that look. Many artists have a 'vision' that can interfere with their ability to thoughtfully listen to their clients' wishes. Esther is a talented artist who can really listen -- a rare and outstanding combination."

-Diana Argenti, Teacher

"Esther really enhances the natural beauty of women of all ages, skin types, and skin tones. I have had my makeup done by Chanel, Stila, and Lancome artists, but I would definitely prefer to have my makeup done by Esther! She made my skin look flawless, which is amazing because I have very acne-prone skin. I was also delighted that the finished result felt feather light, like my skin could still breathe. I loved how Esther did my eye makeup using various shades of pinks, blues, and purples, as well as the midnight blue liquid eyeliner that she applied perfectly.

Esther is extremely knowledgeable and patient and answered my many questions. Her friendly personality also put me at ease right away. Having your makeup done by Esther - whether it's for a special event or just a treat for yourself - is an experience that I highly recommend!"

-Jessica Hsieh, Student

"As an aspiring professional actress, makeup is a factor that can get me the job...or NOT get me the job! However, with Esther, I feel 100% confident when I get in front of the camera. She made me into a natural beauty for a head shot photograph, and then transformed me into a sultry, sullen film noir heroine. She took the time to get to know me as a person, and magically brought out all my positive physical features that had gone unnoticed for a very long time. I highly recommend her and have a great deal of respect for her as a knowledgeable, professional make-up artist."

-Sarah Griner, Actress

"On my wedding day, Esther did my mother-in-law's, my cousin's, my sister's, and my makeup, and everybody looked great! We all got many compliments on our makeup. Even my cousin who never wears makeup because she thinks she looks weird with it on loved the job that Esther did!

With my previous experience with makeup artists, no matter how much I asked them to make me look 'natural', they never understood and it always looked so thick and cakey and I felt like I had a mask over my face. With Esther, this was not the case at all. She really understands what natural means and knows how to put on just the right amount to cover my flaws and make my skin look perfect while accentuating my features to make them pop.

Aside from being a great makeup artist, Esther is very warm and gentle and she really connects with everyone so easily that she is a delight to have around amidst all the madness in the bridal suite! If you are looking for a makeup artist who is excellent at what she does and is a pleasure to work with, book Esther, you won't regret it."

-Clarissa McCleod, Saleswoman

"I've always been a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but sitting for a session with Esther was delightful and to say the least, transformative.

Esther was thoughtful and incredibly skilled - she uses some of the best quality products and tools, and takes great consideration of your individual features. She took my natural look and brightened it ten-fold. Most of all, I was impressed how she worked around my normal preference (no-nonsense, quick application, natural look) and enhanced my features without making it seem outrageous.

Finally, Esther is a pleasure to be around. Watching her work with clients (and myself) just proves what a great knack she has for making people smile and laugh. Whether you're a busy professional or bride-to-be, you'll be lucky to have Esther as your makeup artist."

-Julie Yen, Financial Analyst

"Esther is such a sweetheart! In addition to being a great make-up artist she is super fun to just plain be around. Totally the type of person you want to have around on your wedding day. She spent a ton of time on my make-up trial and we had so much fun. I love what a perfectionist she is. She even found a way to get my eyebrows "just right" - which no one can ever do (they always end up looking orange!) She also made sure my skin was really flawless looking without using a ton of make-up so I felt like me, instead of like me with paint on my face. I also love that she really seems to know her stuff when it comes to different brands. No brand loyalty with this girl! She picks and chooses the best from an array of high end products - because there's no way that one company is gonna do everything super well. Overall, I highly recommend her."

-Courtney Kettenburg, Lockheed Martin

"Esther is phenomenal! She understands how to bring out your beauty and enhance your natural look. She did my makeup for a photo shoot and the final results blew me away! She has a wonderful collection of high-end makeup with contemporary and classic hues. She also did wonderful touch-ups during the shoot. I would trust her to make me look good for any occasion."

-Rocio Miller, Model

"For my birthday, my husband surprised me with private makeup lessons with my girlfriends. We had a great time! Esther's warm personality made us feel comfortable right away, and she took the time to get to know each of us. Esther was also super patient in demonstrating which products worked best with our skin and features, and in answering every single one of our many questions. In the end, we all looked and felt fabulous! Esther managed to bring out all of our best features without making it feel "makeup-ey" or caked-on at all. Last but not least, Esther sent us super detailed follow-up notes on all of the products and techniques that we went over so that we could go home and apply the lesson ourselves!

As a professional wedding and event planner, I am always looking for great vendors to refer to my clients. From my own personal experience, I'm definitely excited to recommend Esther to all of my brides for their engagements and weddings. Thank you, Esther!"

-Sanli Yang, Event Planner

"Esther is an encyclopedia of makeup information. I swear there isn't a brand, makeup type or artist she hasn't tried or knows about or doesn't have on hand to demonstrate! She's also wonderful about answering questions honestly without ever trying to push or force any brand or makeup on you, so I always feel much more comfortable with her than with any of the salespeople at counters who often try to get you to buy stuff even if it's not ideal for your face or skin.

Having enjoyed sessions with Esther for many different occasions including weddings, parties, and graduation dinners, I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch makeup artist with reasonable prices. Plus, she's a ton of fun to chat with, which is always a bonus if you're going to be sitting in a chair for an hour with her!"

-Stephanie Lee, Zazzle, Inc.

"My friends (not to mention myself) are consistently impressed with how pretty I look after a makeup session with Esther. And my husband is amazed at how she renders invisible my many blemishes. It is quite a surprise because I never thought I could look as attractive as Esther makes me look!

Esther knows how to play up my features to make me look glamorous. She is also extremely creative, coming up with styles and colors I would have never considered, but look great on me!"

-Aarati Martino, Google, Inc.

"My belly dance partner and I booked Esther for our professional photoshoot. In the past when we used makeup artists, the makeup always looked too heavy, too light, too bold, or not bold enough. With Esther we were 100% satisfied.

Esther was fun, friendly, and present. She took a genuine interest in the look that we wanted to convey and adapted our vision to suit each of our unique features and personalities. I would never have thought to use a pink lipstick, but the color that Esther picked out looked amazing and everyone kept complimenting it on me.

Esther did such a beautiful job that I didn't want to wash my face again! I can't recommend her enough!"

-Kerry Sieff, Dancer

"As my skin ages, I have been noticing dark circles under my eyes as well as the consequences of spending my youth in the sun - fine wrinkles, uneven coloring, red areas around my nose. I asked Esther to help me learn new ways of improving my appearance. I spent a delightful afternoon with her and left looking great! Esther taught me how to even out my skin tone and minimize the dark areas under my eyes. She brought out green tones in my eyes that I didn't know were there and chose different colors of lip color and blush than I had been using. The results were amazing! I looked ten years younger and felt pretty again.

Esther also spent time 'glamming up' my face to show me a special look for going out. Esther is a wonderful teacher, and her detailed advice about products and tools was very helpful. And, I can email her for help at any time. I highly recommend Esther for anyone who wants to learn how to look her best!"

-Laura Reed, Nurse

"Esther has a traditional artistic background, which is evident in the way that she carefully considers the best colors and finishes (e.g. matte or shimmery) to complement different skin tones, and the way that she subtly shades, contours, and highlights facial features. It is also amazing to see the detailed way she layers colors until she has the perfect look that she has envisioned.

Esther has a staggering array of products and colors, making it quite possible to create literally any look you would like. She also has a warm, friendly and graceful demeanor that put me immediately at ease, and a subtle way of asking about my makeup habits and what I felt comfortable with and the look that I was trying to achieve, that made for an overall wonderful, relaxing, and pampering experience.

Esther was absolutely wonderful to work with and I can't wait to visit her again!"

-Laurie Leong, Product Manager

"My makeup session with Esther was a wonderful experience. I needed to update my look for everyday and for my daughter's wedding. Esther put me at total ease in a warm and comfortable setting. Esther really listened to me and knew what I was looking for. The outcome was fabulous. More importantly, I'm able to duplicate it, thanks to the follow-up that included all the products we used and the application process. My lesson with Esther was a good investment, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a beautiful new look."

-Celia Rooney, Insurance Agent

"I had my perfect wedding last August 2008. I said to myself that the most important things during the wedding are the wedding gown, hair, and most especially the makeup! Thank God for meeting Esther! Esther is very professional and at the same time a great conversationalist; we talked and laughed a lot about the most mundane things. She is also a terrific artist. I had fun being her client!

Esther knows what she is doing and for sure will bring out the best in you on your special occasion. I definitely recommend her!"

-Sue Anne Salvador, Dental Assistant

"Esther is amazing! My husband heard some good reviews about Esther Tsai, so he got me a makeover with her as a special treat. Esther did a wonderful job of toning down the redness in my skin and made my skin look glowing and vibrant. At first I was a little worried that Esther would make me look too made-up and like I had a mask on my face, but she made me look completely beautiful and natural while making my blue eyes stand out. Everyone kept telling me how pretty I looked, and I have to say that I don't get compliments like that every day!! Furthermore, my skin is very sensitive and reactive, but all of the products that Esther used were high-quality and felt very comfortable on.

Esther is very professional and takes her time. I will be recommending her to all of my friends and colleagues. Thank you Esther!"

-Nicolle Wang, Teacher

"I went to Esther as a 63 year old. For many years I was unhappy with my makeup and needed help. Esther started from scratch and taught me application techniques that made all the difference in the world. She actually has you apply the makeup as she teaches you so that when you are on your own it will be a simple process. The next day I did everything she showed me and had no trouble at all. My husband was thrilled with the results and is relieved that I can finally do my own makeup!

Finally, Esther is a kind, thoughtful, and very smart person. It is not every day that you meet a makeup artist who is also a brilliant conversationalist. I highly recommend a lesson with Esther to every woman who wants to learn to look her best, no matter what her age."

-Jan Morris, Travel Agent

"Having my makeup done by Esther was a truly great experience. I normally wear very little makeup and did not have specific ideas in mind for my session with her. Esther was very accommodating to this and asked me insightful questions to incorporate my style and personality into her artistic vision. Esther is a fun, wonderful person to work with, and is a true artist. Her artist's eye as she studied my face and carefully selected colors reminded me of the way my mother, a painter, would work on her paintings. The result of our session was a remarkably natural, light finish accented by beautiful brown and peach hues. I highly recommend Esther and hope for the privilege of having my makeup done by her again in the future."

-Kana Koike, Accountant

"Esther is amazing. She chose the perfect textures and shades for my acne-prone skin and accentuated my features with sheer browns and golds. The finished look was so soft and luminous; I felt as if I had stepped from a Vermeer painting.

Esther also showed me how to make my eyes appear farther apart and how to conceal my undereye shadows. I highly recommend Esther if you want to learn how to enhance your natural look; she will make you look beautiful while looking like yourself."

-Taylor Altman, Writer